Monday, July 18, 2005

Forget Math & Science, How do I Become a Martyr?

I previously discussed the Islamic indoctrination received by the 7/7 London terrorists. In spite of half-wit media hacks who are putting a laser-like focus on the fact that the murderers were born in Britain, it is clear that Islamic indoctrination is what led them to murder.

In Pakistan today, there are waiting lists for the most extreme "schools", which have long abandoned mathematics and science in favor of a 24X7 Islamic brain washing curriculum. Education includes audio tapes by radical Imams, memorization of all 74,000+ words of the Koran, and weapons training. For more insight into what is being taught in Pakistani schools, read this from UK's Times Online.

As the article points out, less than 2% of Pakistan's GDP is directed towards education. Perhaps Pervez Musharraf should wake up to the fact that families need legitimate alternatives to these brain washing camps.

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