Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Random Thoughts

  • Does anybody remember a recent presidential candidate so crass as Hillary Clinton? Perhaps my memory is fading, but I don't remember any Republican politicians comparing Bill Clinton to a moronic cartoon character while he was in office, as did Hillary this week.

  • The mainstream media is doing their best to put Islam's best foot forward in the wake of the London bombings. But if you read a few paragraphs into a typical article, you come across quotes like this (from a July 11 Chicago Tribune article):
      "When [Prime Minister] Tony Blair talked about Islam and then Islamist terrorists, who is he talking about?" asked Ahmed Salim, 26. "Osama bin Laden is not representative of Islam. . . . The way [Blair] spoke, it was ridiculous."
    Gee, Ahmed, I can't believe Tony Blair had the nerve to speak out against Muslim extremists after they butchered 50 of his fellow citizens. The nerve! Another Londoner stated "It's gruesome, it's awful, it's against whatever mainstream Muslims think," said Omar Chikhi, 36, who emigrated from Algeria 18 years ago. "Are we scared of some kind of backlash? I don't think so. I don't think people are scared--and I don't think it [a backlash against Muslims] would be tolerated." Omar is right on - the west will continue to fight this fight with one arm tied behind our backs and the PC police watching our every move.

  • Despite the efforts of the media and the PC Police to caste Islam in a positive light, Muslim clerics continue to perpetuate the myth that Muslims had nothing to do with September 11. Melbourne Imam, Sheikh Mohammed Omran, stated on Australian TV this week that Osama Bin Laden had been unfairly blamed for terrorist activity. "I dispute any evil action linked to Bin Laden, again I don't believe that even September 11 from the beginning, I [don't] believe it [was] done by any Muslim at all," he said. The murderous ways of radical Muslims will never change until clerics like Omran step back into reality, and work towards cultural change within Islam. As we all learned in Psych 101, the first step in making a positive change is recognizing the problem.
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