Thursday, January 13, 2005

Judge Rules Against School Board Because They Sided with Christians

U.S. District Judge Clarence Cooper, a Bill Clinton appointee, ruled against the Cobb County School District, which had placed stickers on science books that stated evolution is a "theory, not a fact". What makes this ruling a complete farce is that the judge did not make his ruling based on whether or not evolution is a theory or a fact. Rather, Judge Cooper ruled against the school board simply because the school board sided with "religiously motivated individuals".

Clarence Cooper

I'll say it again, because this may be the greatest assault on the rights of Christians ever. Judge Clarence Cooper in Cobb County, Georgia, ruled against a school board because they took an action which was recommended by "religiously motivated" people. Furthermore, said Cobb, the evolution sticker sends "a message that the school board agrees with the beliefs of Christian fundamentalists and creationists". Oh, the horror! A school board agrees with Christians! I suppose that, if it were within his power, Cooper would recommend these school board members be fired for such abhorrent behavior.

Since when does our Constitutation say that, as part of the separation of church and state, that the state cannot agree with the church? If a teacher began teaching beastiality as a legitimate life choice, and Christian parents petitioned the school board for a change in curriculum, would the dimwit Cooper rule in favor of the teacher because the school board agreed with Christians?

It should come as no surprise that the case was brought against the school board by the American "Civil Liberties" Union. Apparently the hacks at the ACLU, as well as Judge Clarence Cooper, believe separation of church and state prevents any member of the state from enacting any policy recommended by the church. Taken to its logical conclusion, it seems these neo-liberals envision a state that is not only separated from the church, but a state that is diametrically opposed to the church.

Here's the full story from CNN.

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