Friday, January 21, 2005

Inauguration Day Quotes

The neo-liberal dividers were out in full force yesterday hoping to take the shine off of George Bush's inauguration day. It is times like this when we develop a true understanding of the nature and characture of the neo-liberals in this country. Most rational, decent people understand that there is a time and a place for protest, and there are times when protests are inappropriate. I'd suggest that an Inauguration Day Parade is an inappropriate time to protest. Bush won fair and square, so let him and his supporters celebrate in peace.

Unfortunately, neo-liberals cannot even contain their spite for one day. Here are a couple select quotes from the "opposition".

"There were more problems in our election than the one in Ukraine, and Ukraine's election was overturned" - Some uninformed punk.

"Personally, I don't feel much like celebrating. So I'm going to mark the occasion by pledging to do everything in my power to fight the extremist Republican's destructive agenda." - Nancy "Botox" Pelosi

"Democracy means working together for the good of our country; it also means keeping faith with your ideals, never retreating from core convictions even as you work to find common ground. We have strong differences, and we argue and fight with all our hearts and energy, and our system endures because we Americans expect nothing less." - John Kerry As an aside, where was this rational John Kerry hiding during the election?

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