Thursday, January 06, 2005

Democrats Desperate to Undermine Bush

In a scene reminiscent of 2000, congressional Democrats are desperately trying to undermine the credibility of our recent presidential election and to smear the Republican party as perpetrators of dirty tricks and disenfranchisement.

Despite the fact that George Bush won Ohio by roughly 118,000 votes, Barbara Boxer (Democrat Senator from CA) and a handful of Congressmen have objected to the counting of Ohio's 20 electoral votes. As a result, the official certification of George Bush as the election winner will be delayed by a few hours.

John Kerry has not joined this fight. In addition, it is clear that this token objection will be over-ruled, and George Bush will be the certified winner later today. But the rabid neo-liberal faction of the Democratic party is not concerned with accomplishing anything, they are simply intent on undermining the legitimacy of George Bush.

All the while, the world is working to bring relief to Southeast Asia in the wake of the devastating tsunami, and men and women are risking their lives to ensure Iraqis are free to vote later this month. Further proof that the neo-liberal claims of compassion and human rights being at the top of their agenda is a lie. Undermining all things Republican is their primary focus.

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