Saturday, November 13, 2004

Tony Blair!

Tony Blair is a great man to have on our side. In today's joint press conference with George Bush, he made a great point. Paraphrasing, he said about the US - English relationship: "We aren't fighting this war together just because we're allies, we are allies because we are both fighting this war".

In other words, this isn't a matter of Great Britain going to Iraq just because the United States is calling in a favor from an ally. Great Britain shares the same view of the world as we do, and they understand the importance of this fight on terror. They would naturally be engaged in this fight against global terror, and this common world view is what makes the United States and Great Britain such strong allies.

I'm not stating that Blair would have independently invaded Iraq without US participation. But I am saying that given the evidence, and given the history of Saddam Hussein, and given recent trends in the spread of Islamic terrorism, Great Britain reached the same conclusions we did about Iraq. It's this view of the world, the belief that freedom and democracy will serve to spread peace, and the belief that we have to be aggressive in our fight against terror, that binds our nations.

Here's hoping Blair is as successful as was George Bush in Great Britain's upcoming elections.

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