Wednesday, November 10, 2004

More Denial from the "Cultural Elite"

Take a few moments to read what this so-called "cultural elitist" (he's actually just a guy who writes political cartoons) has to say about the election.

In the wake of the Democrat's crushing defeat, it's sad to think that Ted Rall's pompous drivel is being offered up as the reason they lost. Ted has tried (unsuccessfully) to package up his disconnection with mainstream America as a rationale for looking down on Republican voters. Ted tells us his life story, of growing up disenchanted with the Midwest because it was "culturally bland". So now Ted makes a living as a liberal lemming, doing his best to look, talk, and act just like every other media elitist. Of course, this irony is lost on Ted.

Ted cites bad Chinese food, cultural homogeneity, and lack of "high quality news coverage" as reasons to look down upon the Bush states. Ted seems to think he gets to watch "cooler movies" because he lives in a coastal city. Ted confuses "different" with "interesting" when he states that he gets to "meet more interesting people".

Ted, you can keep thinking "authentic" Chinese food can only be found on the East coast. Perhaps you haven't spotted the hundreds of thousands of Chinese living in the red states during your fly overs, but they're here and their fine food is available everywhere. In fact there are so many Chinese here in Houston that I've managed to pick up some Mandarin, and to you I say Ni bu xi dong xie.

I'm not sure what you consider to be "interesting", but based on your politics I can make a good guess. But I find neither American self-loathing nor alternative lifestyles to be interesting, so I'll continue to enjoy the company of people who don't have to be different to be interesting.

You can have your NY Times with its plagiarized stories and left wing propoganda spun just the way you like it. I've discovered that I don't have to live in the city that spins the news, I can enjoy the variety of online news services anywhere in the country. You are familiar with the internet, aren't you Ted? Or perhaps you're hesitant to logon in the fear of discovering there's more to the story than the neo-liberal spin you've been swallowing.

As for movie entertainment, you can spend your time watching recent Cannes Festival winners like "Sud Pralad". Frankly, I'm too busy enjoying life to catch every good mainstream Hollywood movie, much less to watch obscure movies you consider "cool".

Finally, for somebody who claims to be a part of the "better educated" party, you fail dismally at drawing the proper conclusion from your own statistical analysis. You state "You are 25 percent more likely to hold a college degree if you live in the Democratic northeast than in the red state south." You then draw the erroneous conclusion that Kerry voters are "25 percent more likely, therefore, to understand the historical and cultural ramifications of Bush's brand of bull-in-a-china-shop foreign policy". Gee Ted, have you even bothered to correlate actual votes with education? Just because a person lives in the northeast does not mean that person voted for Kerry, and just because a person lives in the south does not mean that person voted for Bush. Any 6th grader could grasp the concept that just because a state went to Kerry does not mean that every person in that state voted for Kerry. Perhaps I'm overstating this - any 6th grader in Texas could figure this out. For further proof, according to CNN, the college vote was split evenly at 49% each for Bush and Kerry.

My suggestion is to follow the lead of the countless other liberal media lemmings, and avoid heavy math the next time you try to trash 60 million Americans.

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