Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Post Election Pulse: National Organization of Women

Much can be learned by observing various political and social organizations in the wake of George Bush's election victory. Will left-of-center groups do their best to put the country first and their political agenda second, or will they do their best to undermine the efforts of our president?

Take a look at the National Organization of Women (NOW) website to see their response to the Bush victory. When you access their site, you are hit in the face with this message: "Four More Years. Let's Not Make it Easy." Perhaps I'm foolish to have expected more from NOW, considering a good portion of their website is dedicated to slandering the president and perpetuating lies about his administration.

Just in case NOW comes down with a severe case of decency and moral clarity (and removes their distasteful popup), here is a link directly to their popup political message.

My advice is to remember NOW's demeanor in these days after the election. Four years from now we can count on NOW chastising the Republican administration for "dividing America". But today, it is clear that groups like NOW are the ones responsible for ensuring that our country becomes further divided.

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