Thursday, February 15, 2007

Signs of Progress in Iraq

Muqtada al Sadr has reportedly bailed out of Iraq, and high tailed it into Iran. My sources tell me his final words to his minions were as follows:

"Allah Akbar! Death to America! And, uh, oh yeah, Death to the Zionist pigs! I've, uh, got an appointment in Tehran. I've got an overdue book to turn in to the library there - you know I hate late fees. So, anyway, uh carry on the jihad! Rejoice in your upcoming martydom. And, uh, let's see...... Death to the infidels! See ya suckers."

And fresh off the wire today, the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq is apparently wounded, and his top aide is asking St. Peter where he can find his 72 virgins. I'm sure he'll have a hot time at ol' Lucifer's Hotel California.

That story here.

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