Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Story - RIP Please!

Our nation is at war. The '08 presidential race has begun. We have huge immigration issues to resolve. Our budget and trade deficits are at all time highs.

Yet our news providers pummel us continually with stories about the death of Anna Nicole Smith, a woman who should have been forgotten 10 years ago. In life, she was a dim witted, drug using, greedy tramp. Yes those words are harsh, and perhaps even mean spirited. But they must be considered in order to realize how perverted our national definition of "celebrity" has become.

Anna Nicole stripped her way to become a minor celebrity, married a man 60 years her senior in order to become a multi-millionaire, then shocked the nation with her spaced out ignorance on her way to becoming a reality TV star. Now in death, she's receiving national attention on par with the deaths of Princess Di and Ronald Reagan.

Here's hoping another major news story develops, so we can all begin forgetting a woman who's already received far more attention then warranted.

May Anna Nicole Smith, and the Anna Nicole Smith story, forever rest in peace.

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