Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What We Learned Yesterday

Uno de Mayo has come and gone, and we're all a little wiser about the realities of the current US immigration crisis. Here is what we've learned:
  • Some businesses were impacted, and had to work with smaller staffs. A few businesses even shut down plants entirely for the day.
  • The economic impact of Latino's efforts to boycott all things Gringo seems to have been minimal.
  • The thousands of protestors still seem to love their mother country of Mexico.

    Michelle Malkin's Site has many pictures that you won't find in your local paper, so go take a look. You won't see any images of a people's desire to become Americans. But what you will see are Hispanics who would toss Old Glory in the garbage, Hispanics who follow the teachings of madman socialist Che Guevara, Hispanics who hate Bush (even though he supports their cause - so much for being informed), a dimwit who things "USA" means the United States of Mexico, and a host of other Mexicans who seem to have such a great love for their mother country (leaving one to wonder why the heck they're over here in the first place).

    In the midst of all this debate, let's not forget that of all the nations surveyed recently in an opinion poll about their opinions of other countries, Mexico had the least positive view of the United States out of all nations surveyed. Only 10% of Mexicans had a favorable opinion of the United States, vs. 55% who have a negative opinion. Basically, Mexicans hate the United States of America more than any other group of people on earth, moreso than the Iranians and the French. Don't believe me? Why are we listening to them? Why are debating granting amnesty to lawbreakers who hate our nation?

    Let's get sane about immigration, and let hard working Hispanics register to enter our country to work. Let's expand the number of work visas we grant to Hispanics to meet current labor market demands. But by all means, let's deport those who won't obey our laws and who don't respect the sovereignty of the USA.
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