Monday, March 15, 2004

A Victory for Terrorists

Spaniards handed international terrorists a major victory a few days ago when Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero of the nation's Socialist party was elected Prime Minister. Days before the tragic bombing of Madrid's public train system, polls indicated that Zapatero trailed incumbent Jose Maria Aznar in the race for Prime Minister. National opinion changed 180 degrees on March 11, when 200 innocent civilians were murdered by terrorists.

Spaniards cowardly changed their opinion as to who best could run their country because, in the wake of the tragic bombings, it became apparent that Aznar is not popular in terrorist circles. Aznar, noted for his pro-US stance in the war on terror and for his commitment to participating in the Iraqi coalition, is clearly considered an enemy to the murderers known as Al Qaeda. So after watching 200 of their fellow-citizens die at the hands of these terrorists, Spaniards were presented with the classic choice: Fight or Flight. By electing Zapatero, Spain has apparently elected to flee, and have handed enemies of freedom a major victory.

The irresponsiblity of Spain's citizens has also set a dangerous precedent. Stay tuned to the international news wires as elections are conducted in other nations. If the leading candidate happens to be of the tough-on-terror mindset, one afternoon of devastating bombing can change that. That is, if the nation's voters follow the lead of spineless Spaniards.