Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The Anti-Christian Legislative Union Strategy: Divide America and Destroy Christianity

Every day it becomes clearer that the ACLU (Anti-Christian Legislative Union) is first and foremost a political action committee designed purely to undermine the rights and beliefs of America's Christian population. The ACLU goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure abortions are readily available. This is to be expected from a group that places no value on unborn children. However, the ACLU is also intent on breaking up the Christian concept of family by undermining the role of parents in the important life issues of their children. This includes ensuring teens do not have to discuss the abortion decision with their parents, and ensuring that thousands of teenagers are free to by-pass their parents and procure birth control. It is clear that the ACLU is more concerned with the rights of homosexuals wishing to marry than with heterosexual parents right to maintain their personal family values.

In order to continue their battle, the ACLU needs money. Millions and millions are required to wage their multi-front war against Christianity. To fund their war, the ACLU must continually exploit the liberal left by demonizing Christianity. To the ACLU, the Christian community represents the greatest threat to liberties in this country, and the liberal left is the only source of funding their war. At every conflict, at every important issue, you will find the ACLU working to divide our nation. Rich vs. poor. Black vs. white. Gays vs. heterosexuals. Mothers vs. unborn children. The ACLU works tirelessly to divide our nation - for further proof read ACLU press releases which preface any conservative concept as 'controversial'. The arrogant ACLU believes that anything that opposes their stance is by definition 'controversial'.

It is well known that the ACLU spends millions promoting their anti-life policies. And they aren't very subtle in their disdain for Christianity, as their website correlates Christian influence with the erosion of civil liberties. Their site states: "The ACLU needs your help to defend our most basic freedoms! President Bush and John Ashcroft are rolling back our rights in the name of homeland security . . . extremists on the Christian Right have the ear of the White House . . . and the federal judiciary is increasingly hostile to civil liberties. " What is even more amazing is that the ACLU is also working to overturn legislation related to the prohibition of drug use? To quote their web site: "The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) opposes criminal prohibition of drugs." One would safely assume the ACLU version of nirvana would be a United States comprised solely of drug snorting, pagan, abortionists.

In spite of all these facts, the ACLU maintains that they exist to protect the civil liberties of all Americans. Considering our nation is roughly 75% Christian, and considering the ACLU has been in existence for over 80 years, it should be easy to find at least one example of the ACLU defending a Christian's right to practice his/her religion. One example........

Did they protect Christian's rights to pray in schools? No. Did they protect a Christian's rights to post the 10 commandments in a public place? No. To further bring this point, go to the anti-Christian Legislitative Union's homepage at www.aclu.org. Under issues, click Religious Liberty. Unlike the 'Lesbian and Gay Rights' page which has countless references and is roughly 35 paragraphs long, the Religious Liberty page is a mere 3 paragraphs. Explore further under 'Religious Liberty Issues', and you'll find dozens of examples of the ACLU's work fighting against public prayer, the ACLU fighting Chesterfield County's tradition of opening Board of Supervisor meetings with Judeo Christian prayer, etc.

What is even more amazing, is that the ACLU also provides a link that touts their fight against Catholic Charities. This organization did not cover the costs of birth control for their employees because birth control is against Catholic teaching. Rather than defend Catholic Charities' rights, the ACLU fought to ensure the organization enacted policies against Catholic teaching. As part of their case, the ACLU stated that Catholic Charities is not truly a religious organization because they provide services to non-Catholics and they employ non-Catholics. So by employing all, and serving all, Catholic Charities is forced to enact policies against the teaching of their faith. Exactly whose civil liberties are the ACLU protecting? Apparently not Catholic Charities.

In summary, it's clear the ACLU is intent on pursuing their liberal agenda by demonizing Christianity. The ACLU will cease to exist if it becomes a balanced organization...protecting a Christian here, a Muslim there, and a homosexual over there. After all, that type of fight is confusing, hard to fight, lacks a specific enemy, and is therefore not profitable. The ACLU knows all too well, that in order to fund their myriads of causes, they must identify an entity opposed to all of their causes. They must draw a clear line of demarcation between good and evil. That line is the front door to your local Christian church, behind which unspeakable evils are preached every Sunday.

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