Thursday, July 16, 2009

No Silver Linings on the Obama Cloud

I was glad to see Barack Obama at the All Star game recently, although the media coverage was a little over the top. I was impressed that Michelle Obama did her best to honor Catholic customs by covering her head in old school Catholic tradition. Seriously, I'm looking for any silver lining with this guy. But today's speech at the NAACP took me back to square one with this guy.

Said Obama to the crowd: "the pain of discrimination is still felt in America" among blacks, hispanics, and Muslims. Seriously, people are still held back by discrimination? Is this going to be the message for the next 500 years? "Sure, progress has been made, and all of our laws are structured to transfer opportunity from whites to other races.......but the pains of discrimination remain!!"

We have a progress tax code that transfers $ from the wealthy to the "disadvantaged". We have minority scholarships and race based admissions policies which push minorities to the front of the line in front of whites. We have race based government contracts which transfer wealth from the tax base to minorities. Is this the "pain" to which Obama referred?

Well, apparently that's not enough. Now we need to "make housing more affordable; and give ex-offenders a second chance." Furthermore, we need to "makes quality health coverage affordable for all." So basically, we'll tax the hell out of whitey so regardless of effort and achievement, everybody will enjoy the same standard of living.

So now we're living a perfect storm - using race baiting tactics in order to push Obama's socialist agenda. So much for any silver lining with this administration.

, Obama is perpetuating the myth of systemic racial discrimination in America in order to push through socialism.

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