Thursday, February 19, 2009


I'm just stunned, almost at a loss for words. The ignorance of race card incarnate, Melissa Lacewell-Harris, knows no bounds.

Irrational claim of "racism" #1:
"A recent report from the Chicago Urban League found that African-American children in the city are almost exclusively educated in schools that are more than 85 percent black."

Wow, you mean blacks live near each other? Wow, in a city that's majority black, blacks go to school where the average population is > 85% black! Oh the horror, blacks have to go to school with......blacks! Damn whitey!

Irrational claim of "racism" #2:
"Holder's perspective that black and white workers get along easily in the workplace reflects a shocking disregard for contemporary employment realities. African-Americans continue to suffer from extraordinary employment discrimination at every stage of hiring and promotion and in every sector of the job market."

Wow, so the dimwit Lacewell knows that blacks and whites don't get along in the workplace? How? All she does is teach and write lame brained editorials? And if she's going to make half-baked claims of "discrimination", maybe at least one statistic should be provided. Whoops, I forgot, it's always open season on whites by blacktivists to cry wolf about racism.

Irrational claim of "racism" #3:
"We can't talk our way out of employers who refuse to interview a job candidate if the name on the résumé "sounds black."

Ahh, the old standby complaint - whites won't interview candidates with black sounding names. Again, no statistics, just groundless complaints. As for the science behind this, I'd love to see the statistics of black hiring manager tendencies. "Hmmm, should I interview Tamika or Billy Bob?" I'm pretty sure Billy Bob wouldn't get a call back. Of course, we'll never see that study because just suggesting that blacks seek to hire other blacks would be.....racist!

Irrational claim of "racism" #4:
"Some real estate agents steer black families away from predominantly white neighborhoods. Some property owners refuse to rent to black families. Both of these acts are illegal. In fact, the National Fair Housing Alliance documents hundred of thousands of acts of housing discrimination each year and has repeatedly criticized the Department of Justice for failing to adequately pursue and prosecute the vast majority of these cases. We can't talk our way out of residential segregation."

Really, the NFHA documents "hundreds of thousands" of discrimination acts every year, and the DOJ just ignores them? Riiiiight. And I just love the "some property owners" line. This sounds like an editorial in an 8th grade student newspaper as opposed to an opinion article from a professor at Princeton. "Some blacks really hate whites!" "Some blacktivists keep trying to make discrimination a story because they want to keep their jobs as blacktivists".

I'm finished even further contemplating the ignorance and hatred spouted by this woman. She personally sets race relations back a decade every time she puts pen to paper.

Article from CNN.

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