Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Big Shocker....He's Black!

I recently read perhaps the most ignorant editorial of all time. Mr. Lewis Diuguid of the Kansas City Star claims John McCain and Sarah Palin are using an "old code word" for black to label Barack Obama. Story here.

Believe it or not, they called him SOCIALIST! Wow, the nerve, to bring up America's sordid racial past by calling Obama a socialist! What a complete buffoon Lewis Diuguid must be. Apparently he has never heard of the socialist nor communist economic models. Apparently the fact that Obama wants to socialize healthcare has completely gone over the head of Mr. Diuguid. One wonders if he's even familiar with capitalism, other than of course it being one of those evil passions of Republicans?

Anyway, I was so shocked to see a member of the Kansas City Star's editorial board make such a ridiculuous claim that I did a search, and big shocker: Lewis Diuguid is black. In another example of a fool making his race look bad, Mr. Diuguid plays the race card.....in a game of craps.

You can love Obama because he rabidly pro infanticide. You can love him he wants to spread all our wealth around, because he spent 20 years learning why whites are evil and America be damned, or because he views babies as "punishment". Seriously, there are so many reasons for a bleeding heart race baiter to love Barack Obama. With so much to love, there's really no need to jump in over your head and make ludicrous accusations against John McCain.

So Mr. Diuguid, perhaps you should limit your future writings to things about which you can speak intelligently....which apparently doesn't include economics.

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