Monday, February 18, 2008

Read Your Bible, Charles

Charles Barkley has once again exposed himself as a mental midget, this time in front of a larger audience than his typical TBS NBA spots.

Barkley, attempting to substantiate his desire and qualifications to become governor of Alabama, stated to Wolf Blitzer that conservatives are "fake Christians". Barkley went on to blabber on about how ardently he supports gay marriage and abortion, and that conservatives are "fake Christians" because they judge others and they don't understand the Bible, which says we aren't to judge others.

Gee Chuck, who's doing the judging now? Furthermore, does the pinhead Barkley actually think Christians should keep their mouths shut about every moral evil and every criminal act? So Barkley wants us to keep silent about incest, rape, prostitution, and murder......because after all, if we state that those things are wrong, we'd be judging others, right Charles?

I'm thinking Barkley should actually open his Bible once or twice before he opens his big ugly mouth again. The Old Testament clearly states that murder is wrong, and Jesus Christ stated we are to do onto others as we would have them do onto us. So unless Charles thinks abortionists really want to be dismembered, perhaps he's mis-identified the "fake Christians" among us.

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