Sunday, June 25, 2006

$Billions Against Babies

Warren Buffet has announced his philanthropic intentions this weekend. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the winner, and unborn babies are the losers.

Buffet has pledged a series of annual gifts (in the neighborhood of $1.5 billion) to the Gates foundation, which works towards the prevention and treatment of diseases around the world, such as AIDS and malaria. The Gates foundation also contributes significantly to improving graduation rates in US high schools, to college scholarships (for attendees to Cambridge and for minority applicants), and to the building/improving of libraries in low income and disadvantaged communities.

Buffet is also giving $2.5 billion to the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, whose principal focus is on "reproductive health, family planning, and pro-choice causes". Certainly Buffet's generosity is to be admired, but do pro "choice" causes really need $2.5 billion? The nation's abortion industry is slaughtering roughly 1.5 million unborn babies per year in the USA, so I for one am at a loss as to why Buffet thinks pro "choice" causes need more money.

So to summarize the results of Buffet's plan:

Some of the Winners:
  • Third world nations
  • Minority high school students
  • Attendees to Cambridge
  • Low income children in the Pacific Northwest
  • Homeless people in the Pacific Northwest
  • Libraries in low income communities

  • Unborn babies

    To reiterate, Buffet (and Gates) is to be commended for his generosity. But it's clear Buffet is making a social statement with his giving. He is not building a world class business school, he's not helping the US scientific community, he's not offering seed money to promising entrepreneurs, and (fortunately), he's not giving his money to political causes. Rather, Buffet is attempting to improve the conditions for the worlds most needy and vulnerable. Unfortunately, unborn children don't meet Buffet's criteria as the most needy and vulnerable. So not only does he fail to give a penny to save an unborn child, he donates $2.5 billion dollars to better fund America's abortion industry. What a sick irony the Buffet fortune has become.

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