Monday, March 06, 2006

Soccer News from Houston, Mexico

I've reported previously on the muchos problemos caused by Houston's new soccer team name, 1836. This name was soooooo offensive to local Mexicans, that the team president, Oliver Luck (Olivar Suerte), has changed the name to the Houston Dynamo. See the latest.

I'm sure this comes at a tremendous relief to all of the Mexican residents of Houston. I'm sure they've been awake at nights, shuddering at the prospects of seeing the year "1836" emblazoned on soccer jersies. After all, that was the year Texas won her independence from Mexico. How could gringos be so insensitive as to rub that year in their faces! Forget the fact that 1836 was also the year Houston was founded - how could the city be so mean-spirited? How did Texas get to be so racist that she continues to celebrate the year she gained independence?

In all seriousness, I suspect maybe 2% of Mexican-Americans were offended by the team name. Perhaps 10% of the Mexican citizens living in Houston were offended (which begs the question - why is the team owner of Houston's soccer team trying to please the citizens of Mexico?). But as is usually the case when a few politically correct wingnuts start crying in the press - insanity rules.

University of Houston professor Raul Ramos, writing a guest editorial in the Chronicle, wondered if the name meant "the team wants Latino [fans] but only on their terms … leaving your heritage, identity and family at the door." This guy is a professor at the University of Houston (note to self - never send a child to U of H)? The name "1836" means Latinos have to leave their heritage and identity at the door? Does the moron Ramos think Americans of Japanese descent cry about V-J day commemorations? Does this fool think Americans of British ancestry "leave their heritage" at the door when they go see the New England Patriots play? Or is it only Hispanics who cry at every perceived "injustice"? Or maybe Ramos thinks that because Houston is now a majority Hispanic, the city is better served functioning as Houston, Mexico than Houston, Texas?

As for Senor Suerte and his soccer team, he's doing a great job keeping me and my insensitive gringo family away from Major League Soccer.

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