Monday, January 09, 2006

35% of CNN Readers Confirmed NeoLiberals

Today's poll asked whether the Senate should filibuster Samuel Alito's confirmation vote. As we all know, a filibuster is a tactic designed to short-circuit democracy, and essentially prevent an issue from even coming up for a vote. Who in their right mind, outside of a career politician in Washington, would prefer that Democrat congressmen filibuster as opposed to debate the merits of an Alito confirmation head-on?

It what comes as little surprise, 35% of CNN respondents advocate a filibuster. The surprising aspect of these results is that the poll also included the option to "decide after the confirmation hearings". So basically, these lemmings (35% of respondents) say categorically "we don't want to hear anything Alito has to say, just short circuit the process so the Senate can't vote on Alito".

CNN Poll Results

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