Tuesday, November 08, 2005

French Cracking Down!

There's only so much Chirac's government can take. After nearly two weeks of riots which have swept across France, resulting in the destruction of thousands of automobiles and dozens of buildings including schools and churches, Chirac has had enough!

In a dramatic show of force designed to show thousands of rioters who's boss, Chirac has declared............curfews and jobs training! You got it, Chirac is flexing his muscles like never before, and is enacting a national bed time for France's violent thugs. I'm sure they're now quivering in fear, resigning themselves to live out their remaining years as models of peace and tranquility. On top of that, he wants to pursue a program that provides vocational training for children who drop out of school at age 14. That's sure to help the nation build a workforce ready for the challenges of the 21st century.

In all seriousness, why did it take 12 nights of rioting to establish curfews? And why aren't more drastic measures being enforced, such as mobilizing the French military? Police have been asking for military support since the riots began, but Chirac is staying true to form, apparently waiting for the UN to order the deployment of French troops. More importantly, how about getting tough on immigrants, who for years have enjoyed the fruits of France's welfare state? Obey French laws, or go back home. And if you expect to be "integrated" into our society, get an education, quitting doing drugs, and become employable. It's all so simple.

But now that I think of it, not even George Bush has the guts to send that kind of message. Fortunately for America, our immigrants (legal and illegal) find opportunity in this capitalist nation, and thus don't feel the need to riot in the streets for more government handouts.

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