Sunday, October 16, 2005

Riots in Toledo

Today the National Socialist Movement (NSM) planned to bring attention to black on white violence in Toledo, Ohio by marching through city streets. NSM is a neo-Nazi group with a white supremacist agenda. Ironically enough, members of the neo-Nazi NSM were pelted by black residents with bottles and rocks before the march began. At this point, I could almost sympathize with residents for reacting angrily towards the presence of the NSM in their neighborhood. But the march was cancelled, and the angry mob turned their anger towards police and local businesses, bashing in windows of a grocery store and stealing the contents and setting fire to a pub. It's pretty clear that an NSM march isn't required to illustrate the random violence plaguing Toledo. Toledo blacks became poster children for the type of violence against which NSM was protesting.

So America is left again with images of angry and violent blacks taking advantage of a situation to commit random crimes. This is the time for Louis Farrakhan to speak up with words of condemnation....not at the whites who somehow oppressed these gang members, but at the gang members themselves. It's time for Jesse Jackson to recognize that the great majority of social problems in the black community are self-induced. Now's the time for harsh words promoting responsibility and accountability, and condemning violence. It's time for black leaders to do what they're supposed to be doing....lead.

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