Monday, August 08, 2005

Black "Leadership" Fails Constituents

Take a few moments to read this story about a recent recent civil rights rally. Black politicians and entertainers labeled Bush and the entire administration "criminals", they claim the last two elections were "stolen", and black members of Bush's administration were labeled "tyrants". These aren't two-bit hack politicians we're talking about, these comments came from the likes of Jesse Jackson, Charlie Rangel, Harry Bellafonte, as well as Judge Greg Mathis. Mathis demonstrated his keen intellect when he stated of the 2000 election "I call it a crime because indeed that is exactly what it was". Wow, such impressive reasoning. Following his logic, I could state that Mathis is an ignorant, race baiting fool. I could say that because that is exactly what he is.

Why do these men continue to destroy inter-racial bridges? Why do these men continue to set up black America against white America? Why do these men continue to imply our economy is a zero-sum game, where the white man is out to steal the black man's share of the pie?

The sooner this generation of black leadership fades from our political scene, the better.

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