Tuesday, June 21, 2005

How to Love Your Country, by MoveOn.Org

Check out this latest publication from MoveOn.org, titled "50 Ways to Love Your Country". I'm not really inclined to support MoveOn.org, so I won't be purchasing this book. Besides, we could all probably guess 5 or 10 of MoveOn's top 50, couldn't we? Here's my take on what made MoveOn's list of how to "love your country":

  • Tax the wealthy out of existence.
  • Provide government funded abortions for everyone, and ensure parents of minors are never informed of their children's efforts to seek abortion.
  • Shut down America's military industrial machine and rely on the U.N. to protect our borders.
  • Cap profits on all US corporations. Any profits in excess of the cap to be redirected towards international debt relief.
  • Mandate racial and gender based hiring quotas for all businesses.
  • Melt down all US coin currency, and re-issue coins without "In God we Trust".
  • Remove tax exempt status from Christian organizations. Use new revenue to compensate prisoners "tortured" at Gitmo.
  • Roll out a one time tax on white men of 25% of net worth. Proceeds to be used for reparations, minority scholarships, and federal meals on wheels programs for immigrants crossing our boarders illegally.

These are only 8 agenda items I suspect are in this great new publication from MoveOn.org. I can only imagine the other 42 items on their list.

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