Thursday, May 05, 2005

Pro Life? Support the ACLJ Today!

The American Center for Law and Justice works in the courts and the legislative arena protecting religious and constitutional freedoms. The ACLJ focuses on issues related to national security, protecting human life, and protecting the American family.

The ACLJ achieved a major Supreme Court victory against the pro-abortion forces in our country two years ago. The court voted 8 - 1 that Federal RICO statutes (originally designed to combat organized crime) could not be used to stop peaceful pro-life protests. But the pro-abortion lobbyists are back on the attack, and a lower federal appeals court has re-opened the case despite the previous ruling of the US Supreme Court.

This fight is another in a long line of legal battles being waged by the ACLJ against the likes of the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and NOW. Promoting a Culture of Life in the United States requires prayer, hard work, and dollars. Join the fray by making a donation to the ACLJ today. Thank you.

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