Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter in Mexico: Hate Thy Neighbor

The United States national soccer team visited Mexico yesterday, playing the Mexican national team in front of over 100,000 fans. The Mexicans avenged a 6 game losing streak against the Americans, winning the match 2-1.

The real story lies in the continued "sportsmanship" displayed by our southern neighbors. The crowd continued previous trends of paying homage to the greatest mass murderer in American history, Osama bin Laden. The crowd chanted "Osama" throughout the match, and after the match they gathered for a good old United States flag burning. Unable to ignite the flag, the crowd stomped the flag to oblivian.

What wonderful neighbors we have. They illegally cross our borders by the tens of thousands. They ignore our laws, and send a good portion of their wages back to Mexico. They demand free medical care, they demand free education, and like the good fools we have become, we oblige.

So the next time you pay your mortgage bill, remember that a portion of your property taxes are going to pay for "English as a Second Language" services in your local school district. The next time you pay a medical bill, remember that a portion of the bill is used to pay for illegal immigrants who do not pay for their services. The next time you get paid, recognize that a portion of your federal payroll taxes are going to pay for the printing of hundreds of forms in Spanish.

What is really sad is that the majority of Americans (me included) have a lot of respect for hard working immigrants who come to this country and sacrifice to support their families. But I'll never come to terms with how the Mexican culture has come to loathe the United States. Perhaps if the borders were truly closed for 10 years, our Mexican "friends" would come to appreciate what the United States of America means to them.

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