Monday, February 14, 2005

Randall Kallinen: Big Man in Houston Atheist Community

USANow's most recent post summarized the efforts of the Houston ACLU, led by Randall Kallinen, in bringing back Jenna Jameson's autobiography to Houston library bookshelves. Kallinen was quoted as saying that nude pictures of Jameson do not constitute pornography by any standard.

After a little research, USANow has learned that Kallinen is the attorney for Houston Atheist Society's "Activist of the Year", Kay Staley. Staley is the Real Estate professional who sued the Harris County to remove the Bible display in front of the Civil Courts building. During their awards ceremony on December 12th of last year, Staley stated: "That display had been bothering me since I first started law school in 1970. I just never could find an attorney who would take the case. Then I happened to sit near Randall Kallinen at a dinner event, and he was looking for a plaintiff for this very thing. It's Randall who really deserves the award. He did such a tremendous job."

Given his track record on the Jameson case, and his role in the ACLU, it is little surprise that Kallinen is a big man in the Houston area atheist social circuit. This fact provides further evidence that the ACLU agenda is driven by radical atheism.

As for the 2005 Houston Atheist Society's awards, Kallinen's work taking the Bible away and bringing pornography back to Harris County citizens will surely give him the inside track for some type of lifetime achievement award.

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