Wednesday, December 08, 2004

$20 Million for Palestinian Authority, $0 for Boy Scouts

From CNN today:

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Citing a "renewed opportunity for peace" in the Middle East, the Bush administration said Wednesday it will give $20 million directly to the Palestinian Authority.

Assistant Secretary of State William Burns made the announcement in Oslo, Norway, at a meeting of the Palestinian Ad Hoc Liaison Committee, a group representing various countries and organizations promoting Palestinian reforms.

Burns said the decision to give the money to the authority was made after the group fulfilled its promises for financial reform, and reflected U.S. "confidence" in the continuation of its reform program.

Hmmmm, it seems that the Palestinian Authority is pretty ardent in their support of Islam. In fact, their former president, Yasser Arafat, has been known to murder in the name of Islamic jihad. So where are the pinheads from the ACLU when we need them? How come they're not outraged by the US government sponsorship of an entity whose very existence is grounded in religious extremism? ACLU attorneys fought vigorously against government sponsorship of scout troops, because a fundamental expectation of every scout is a belief in God. If sponsoring Boy Scouts is such a bad idea, why is it OK to fund the Palestinian Authority?

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