Friday, April 23, 2004

John Kerry: A Confused Catholic

The Catholic Church has come forth recently expressing concern about pro-abortion Catholics receiving the Eucharist. This should come as no surprise to any practicing Catholic.

The Church has always promoted the sanctity of human life, especially among the most vulnerable among us. Because life begins at conception, abortion clearly constitutes the murder of an unborn child. Those who practice abortion, as well as those who promote abortion, commit grave sins against God. It could be argued that politicians who promote laws protecting a woman's right to choose murder commit just as grave a sin as the doctor who performs abortion.

That the Catholic Church views abortion as a grave sin should be inherently obvious to even the most casual observer. Furthermore, every practicing knows that the Eucharist is not to be received if one is in a state of grave sin. This fact is clearly taught in the Church, and is clear from scriptures. How did it come to be that John Kerry doesn't understand these facts? How could the Church be any more clear in her teaching that:

* Abortion is a grave sin
* Holy Eucharist is not to be received when one is in a state of grave sin

What is even more amazing is that, when presented with the Church's reluctance to offer Kerry communion, he responded "I don't tell them how to do their jobs, they shouldn't be telling me how to do mine". This comment is a clear reminder that John Kerry is absolutely clueless about what it means to be a practicing Catholic. All Catholics are bound to adhere to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Catholics are called to persevere in the faith, and to submit to the authority of the Church's teaching. As a Roman Catholic, Kerry is under the teaching authority of Church leadership. He is bound to adhere to the Church's teaching that one must seek forgiveness of serious sins through the Sacrament of Reconciliation prior to receiving the Eucharist. At the best, Kerry is quite ignorant of Church teaching. More likely, Kerry's comment conveys his disdain for the truth. He believes he is above the teaching authority of Church leaders, and that his understanding of moral theology exceeds that of the Catholic Church.

In either case, John Kerry is not the candidate who would best represent Roman Catholics.

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