Monday, January 26, 2009

Black First, American Second

Is anybody else tired of ridiculuous claims of racism tossed around in politics? How many times do we have to hear of Cynthia McKinney claiming she's the victim of racism after punching a cop, or Obama's team claiming racism because his pre-election poll numbers weren't strong enough?

So after crying wolf a million times, one would think that black activists would be a little more reluctant to make claims of racism. And even more importantly, one would think they would never engage in behaviors that, if conducted by a white person, would be considered racist.

But I guess the term "double standard" has no meaning to some people. I think it's clear it would be racist for a white person to expect a white politician to only wear clothes designed by whites. This should be obvious even to the likes of David Duke. But I guess it's OK for the Black Artists Association to be upset because Michelle Obama's inaugural gown was designed by, God forbid, a white guy!

As reported by Drudge from Politico.

Do these idiots ONLY see color? And do all the blacks with common sense get annoyed with their divisive antics?