Tuesday, August 21, 2007

MSNBC: Making News......

where none exists.

Read this article.

Notice the headline, which states that minorities aged 13-24 still challenged by racism. Then go back and notice the 2nd to the last paragraph, which states that the most of the minority respondents felt that their race would not result in problems later in life.

Not sure if this is the AP or MSNBC, but why is it that our nation's media consistently looks for racism when the facts prove otherwise? More importantly, why didn't they surveyors go one step further, and gather economic and educational data? It is a fact that whites are wealthier and more educated than blacks and Hispanics, and as the story reported, 25% of minorities stated that removing financial worries was a key to happiness.

So perhaps the story should have focused on improving educational opportunities in minority communities as opposed to a few anectdotal comments on racism.