Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Friends" from South of the Border

Have you ever watched a beauty pageant on TV? Have you noticed the crowds are typically well dressed, a little boisterous, and always polite? Have you ever seen a contestant jeered and heckled? Me neither.

Let's assume Miss Iran (if there was such a thing) came to New York City to participate in a Miss Universe competition. Can you imagine any scenario in which the crowd would boo her? Of course not. Heck, Miss al-Qaeda could probably make a peaceful appearance because Americans are generally polite and smart enough to treat individuals with respect regardless of political differences.

Apparently, our "friends" from Mexico live by different standards. Miss USA, Rachel Smith, was loudly booed by the Mexican crowd during the Q&A session. Recall this is the same nation who chants "Osama" during soccer matches with the USA, and is of course the same nation who encourages millions of their poorest to illegally cross our borders.

Why Mexicans have such a disdain for Americans is anybody's guess. But prior waves of immigrants consisted of communities who loved the USA, and who sincerely wanted to start new lives in our great melting pot. Can we say the same of this current tidal wave of immigrants?

See video here.