Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Is Christmas Back?

Much was made last year about various schools and businesses taking Christmas out of our Christmas season vernacular.

This year things seemed to have quieted down a little bit. However, in response to threats of a lawsuit last week, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport took down their Christmas trees. Apparently a Jewish man had asked for a menorah to be displayed as well, and threatened to sue when the airport denied his request.

However, after a weekend of controversy and a flood of phone calls, the Port of Seattle put the Christmas trees back up on display yesterday. I think most would agree the Port of Seattle did the right thing by putting the trees back up, but personally I would have no problem had they simply included a menorah in their display.

In any event, the story has made national news. Christmas is back! Or so I thought. Take a look at how Janet Tu and Lornet Turnbull characterize the story, in their report which was distributed nationally. Here is the first line of the story:

"The holiday trees that went away in the middle of the night are back. "

And liberals wonder why conservatives get so frustrated with our media. The entire story is about Christmas trees, and how those Christmas trees caused a controversy, and how a Jewish man wanted a minora to be displayed with the Christmas trees. Yet these dimwits, in their misguided attempts at being politically correct, describe them as holiday trees in their first sentence!!!

If the items in question were "holiday" trees, then there wouldn't have been a controversy in the first place. How this fact is lost on Tu and Turnbull is beyond me.

Here's the story as reported in the Houston Chronicle.